The return Of James Stewart Pt 1

Posted on Fri Mar 24th, 2017 @ 2:38am by Captain James Stewart

Mission: Prolouge
Location: James house/ Earth
Timeline: 09:00 Hrs

It had been a long time since his days on the USS Liberty when he and his brother Eric had first been first assigned to that very ship; now here he was resting after years of being retired, but he knew something was afoot when Eric had visited him some months ago that the Liberty had been found once more as they had both been made aware that the ship had vanished two decades back. but the questions kept on coming as to how the ship had kept going whilst she had been declared destroyed.

He looked back at the draws that held his duty uniform that held the rank of Commander, although he had been the XO on the USS Mcloud, before his retirement; He wondered if he could be reactivated as he knew the Liberty well he looked back the pictures from his last visit to Risa; He thought~ I wonder if I could be?~ as he pulled open the draw and started to lift out the uniform.

As he started to get changed and the Red of command, he still wondered if Command would take him back; although he knew that they would if he asked, and to tell the truth he was getting rather bored stiff and needed something to occupy his time although he had never married; James had known a few women in his time and had wondered why he hadn't gotten married.

Had he been married to the job and had not made or even found the time to settle down, he finished getting dressed and placed that pips that designated his rank back on the side of his collar, He turned towards his personal transporter that had been installed by his brother as a gift one year, The another gift he received from his Niece Jessica was an AI who was called Mallory who had kept him amused when the messages from Jessica arrived.

As he stepped upon the single platform, He Said,” Mallory, one to beam directly to Starfleet command,”  he finished, “ Please,” as Mallory shimmered and view, she responded,” One of these days James I’m not going to respond,” as she tapped the console as James ‘s form started to dissolve. Within a few minutes James started to reform on other platform with in  a big chamber that was separated by a big glass wall.

[Starfleet Command]

As James Stepped off the platform, the young Ensign said,” Welcome to Starfleet command Commander,” as James gave a slight nod of his head and headed on out of the room and made his way to the nearest turbolift to see his old friend vice Admiral Philippa Jensen. He though~ How long has it been since he last saw his friend, ~as he continued to stride along the corridors he had missed walking these halls as much as he had missed space as he turned the corner and found a turbolift and entered, He said,”” Vice Admiral Philippa Jensen’s office,” as the lift doors began to close and the lift started its journey.

[5 minutes later]

As the lift stopped on the thirty fifth floor and the doors parted, James exited the lift and turned left and headed off down the corridor to see his old friend, James knew that it might take a good deal of persuasion to get her to reactivate him as he had remembered the last time that she had tried to get him to take a centre seat; and he had declined it, Now here he was about to ask if the offer of the  Command was still on the table; and hopefully it was as he didn't want to go back home as he Carried on his journey to see if he was going to get his job back., As he approached her office, James began to wonder if this was a good idea, But it was to late to turn back now he was nearly at the Entrance

As he approached the entrance and found Philippa’s Secretary looking at her terminal as he walked up to her desk, She asked,” Can I help you Commander?” Noticing his rank on his collar, He replied,” Is the Vice Admiral in?”  as the young woman looked rather puzzled at his question, She replied,” Yes Sir she is and who should I say is calling?”

“Tell her it is Commander James Stewart,” replied James giving the young woman a wink, as she gave a sigh and tapped the intercom, She said,” Admiral, You have a visitor out here,” as the sound of the com crackled, he heard the response, +” Who is it Janice?”+ as James tried not to laugh, The young Ensign replied,” He says he is Commander James Stewart, but I don't see his name on the Manifest for today,”

The Admiral replied,+ “Send him in Ensign, Send him in”+ as the com shut off the young ensign replied,” You May Go in now Sir” as James looked back at her and replied “Thank you Ensign,” as he headed towards Philippa’s office door, He thought  to himself ~ Well I’m here now let’s see what the fates have in store for me~ as the door slid back and he entered the room.